Always wear helmet             Dont Drink and Drive          Follow traffic rules, save your future
"You can't get 'home', unless you're 'safe.'"

"Dont Drink and Drive"

"Follow traffic rules, save your future"

  Any traffic warden committing breach of regulations laid down shall be liable to be removed from the rolls of the organization.

  The services of the traffic warden shall be terminated if he / she is found taking no interest in the activities of the organization.

  Misbehavior with the general members of the public, in sub-ordination, committing cognizable offense under the IPC, chronic     absence from the duties, misuse of the office of the traffic warden / ID cards shall be treated as immediate grounds for     termination. The CTW shall recommend removal of such traffic wardens to the concerned COP / SP after the disciplinary     proceedings are completed.

  On removal, the ID card issued to him shall be forfeited.

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