Always wear helmet             Dont Drink and Drive          Follow traffic rules, save your future
"You can't get 'home', unless you're 'safe.'"

"Dont Drink and Drive"

"Follow traffic rules, save your future"
 The idea of school students helping the police to regulate traffic was mooted by the fact that it was not possible to depute a     police officer for each & every school.
 So, this idea of forming a batch of trained school students was initiated by Mr. Adeshar H Mulla (Retired Principal, B S Bardhan     School, Mumbai) in the year 1957.
 The concept was an instant success and it soon spread to many states of India.
 Team of 1 Traffic Warden, 1 School Teacher & 4 RSP cadets had met Mrs. & Mr. Mulla at their residence.

 ROAD SAFETY PATROL Chennai Unit was initiated by the Madras Traffic Wardens Organisation Tamilnadu Traffic Wardens    Organisation and formed with the Government approval in the year 1982.

 Initially a few Schools were Enrolled and by the year 2010 more than 300 Schools have enrolled.

 "Catch them Young" is the Motto and in the years to come we hope more Schools will enroll in the ROAD SAFETY PATROL.

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