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"Dont Drink and Drive"

"Follow traffic rules, save your future"
Duties and Responsibilities

  Traffic Warden’s play an important role in maintaining liaison between the Police & the general public.

        Regulation of traffic at important points is the main function of the traffic warden. The duty schedules should be drawn by            the C T W of the different units, in consultation with the traffic units on a monthly basis.

        Such duty schedules should be issued to the traffic wardens’ well in advance to enable them to perform the road duties            effectively.

        Normally, 4 hours in a week (between 05:30 to 07:30 pm, divided into 2 days) & a monthly parade for 1 hour (between            06:15 to 07:15 am) should be specified for the wardens’.

        The above duty hours are an indicative example, keeping in view of the fact that the services of the wardens’ are            honorary & voluntary.

        When requisitioned by the traffic unit, special duties may be drawn up by the CTW.

  The regulation of traffic & other duties performed by the wardens’ shall have the main thrust on road safety education. They      shall be polite & courteous towards the general members of the public and be firm while doing the traffic regulations.

  Wardens’ also play an important role in the road safety education through R S P units. They are the liaison between the      schools & the police. A warden maintains good relation with the schools he / she is assigned to & assists the heads of the      institutions in the administration & running of their R S P units. The wardens’ shall be purely honorary workers dedicated to      safety of young children.

  They shall always be punctual in their attendance & be properly and neatly dressed according to regulations.

  They shall visit the schools, they are assigned & co-ordinate the Road Safety Patrol activities, with the heads of      institutions.They shall strive to sort out the difficulties, if any, in the traffic regulations in and around the schools in      consultation with the CTW & the traffic authorities.

  They shall supervise the working of the units in the schools & the work done by the RSP cadets.

  Wardens & Assistant Wardens will arrange lectures & film shows on road safety in the schools. Officer’s of the Traffic Branch      /Director, CTW and senior officers will generally give these lectures.

  They shall work under the Warden Officer in Charge / Planning Officer’s of RSP and get instructions regarding formation of RSP      units in schools.

  They shall supervise / impart training to the new RSP units.

  They shall guide the Head of the institutions on the uniform regulations prescribed for the RSP cadets & advise where the       articles are available but will not be parties to the purchase of uniforms. However, they may co-ordinate & guide for such       purchases.

  Wardens shall be subject to the code of conduct laid down regarding their behavior & discipline as members of a disciplined       organization.

  They shall always ensure of the RSP cadets under their care, whenever they are taken out duties in assisting the Police,       Parades etc.,

  No warden shall address any letters to the head of institutions in any pertaining to the RSP, unless authorized to do so.

  Wardens shall not collect any funds from schools / cadets by way of membership of the RSP or for any other purpose.

  Wardens shall be assigned specific areas & will be responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the wardens in their       respective areas.

  Wardens shall submit fortnightly report to the CTW, of the activities in their respective areas. These reports will include new       units formed in schools, appointment of patrol captains, patrol leaders & all other matters of interest pertaining to the RSP.

  They shall confirm their activities within the policy framework of the RSP for activities connected with the organization or its       normal duties will be referred to the CTW for instructions. This does not include the use of RSP units by schools themselves       for their own functions & activities.

  Wardens shall convey to the schools all the instructions pertaining to the administration of the organization, issued from time       to time by the organization of the concerned unit.

  They shall maintain a roster & individual files of the wardens of their areas. They will immediately report the misconduct or       slackness on the part of any warden. The interest of the organization should always be in their minds & any incident likely to       bring discredit should be immediately reported to the CTW.

  Any act done by the warden or RSP of an outstanding nature, should be reported to the head quarters for due recognition.

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