Always wear helmet             Dont Drink and Drive          Follow traffic rules, save your future
"You can't get 'home', unless you're 'safe.'"

"Dont Drink and Drive"

"Follow traffic rules, save your future"
Code Of Conduct

  Definition :-

       A “traffic warden” shall be an adult person appointed in an honorary capacity by the Commissioner of Police of the cities /           SP, for the promotion of child safety on the road.

       “Organization” shall mean the Tamil Nadu Police Traffic Warden’s Organization / Unit.

  Traffic wardens shall perform such duties assigned to them from time to time by the organization under whom they function.      They shall be police & courteous towards general members of public and shall be firm while doing traffic regulations.

  In the performance of their duties, they will be sub-ordinate to the Chief Traffic Warden & Deputy Chief Traffic Warden.

  When in uniform, traffic wardens shall always be dressed in the manner prescribed & shall be clean and tidy in the      appearances & dressing.

  Traffic Wardens shall not indulge in any fund raising activities in the name of the organization / RSP units unless authorized by      the CTW.

  Traffic wardens will not deploy any members of the RSP for any duties connected with the organization, nor shall any such      warden directly approach or enter into any agreement with any institutions for this purpose. This does not include school      functions organized be the schools themselves, for which the services of RSP cadets may be utilized.

  No cadet shall be taken for RSP duties outside city limits unless permitted in writing by the CTW.

  No traffic warden shall act in a manner which is likely to bring discredit to the organization.

  No traffic warden shall be a party to the purchase / sale of uniforms. A traffic warden may purchase uniform if he / she is a      member of the staff of the school concerned.

  Every traffic warden shall maintain discipline among the cadets entrusted to his charge & shall ensure that the cadets do not      indulge in any form of misbehavior.

  When dealing with the cadets, wardens shall conduct themselves in a moral & disciplined manner.

  No traffic warden shall communicate to the press any matter connected with the organization or divulge or write to the press     criticizing any action taken by his superior or any other member of the organization. However, they shall prefer complaints, if     any, to the CTW.

  Traffic wardens shall be punctual in their attendance on duty & shall always be attentive when on duty.

  No traffic warden shall :-

        Be oppressive or tyrannical to his / her inferiors in rank.

        Quarrel with or use abusive or insulting languages to any member of the organization of the police force or public.

        Intentionally disobey or neglect the lawful orders of his / her superiors.

        Smoke in uniform when on duty, in public.

        Be drunk when in uniform or on duty.

        Intentionally omit to submit any report.

        Divulge directly or indirectly any matter, which is his duty to keep secret.

        Withhold any complaint or report against any cadet or warden.

        Willfully withheld any complaint or report on any member of the RSP / organization with intention to shield him / her.

        Correspond directly with the Government officials in any matter pertaining to the organization.

        Approach any member of the Legislature to have his / her grievances made the subject to the interpolations of the council.

  When redressing grievances or reports, traffic wardens will do so through the DCTW to the CTW.

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