Always wear helmet             Dont Drink and Drive          Follow traffic rules, save your future
"You can't get 'home', unless you're 'safe.'"

"Dont Drink and Drive"

"Follow traffic rules, save your future"
Breach Of Discipline

  It shall be a breach of discipline for any member of the organization :-

         To violate any provision of the regulations of the organization.

         To abuse his official position as a traffic warden in any manner.

         To indulge in political activities.

         To interview an officer superior in rank to his immediate superior officer without obtaining the permission of such              immediate superior officer.

         To interview a person connected with the press or to supply any information to any such person, without orders from his              immediate superior officer.

         To refuse to carry out any order given to him / her in official capacity by a competent authority.

         To do or omit to do any act or omission which is likely to bring disrepute to the organization.

         To wear his uniform or badges of rank in an incorrect manner.

  The Commissioner of Police / S P, shall have the powers to make further amendments to the regulations from time to time.

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