Always wear helmet             Dont Drink and Drive          Follow traffic rules, save your future
"You can't get 'home', unless you're 'safe.'"

"Dont Drink and Drive"

"Follow traffic rules, save your future"
 Organized either on a zonal basis or a combination of all zones, are an important means of gaining public recognition &      appreciation of the RSP. Such rallies help the public to realize the necessity for road safety education. The contribution made      by the children to protect lives & reduce accidents through RSP units is note worthy in this regard.

 Traffic warden officers shall promote rallies, sport activities & drill competitions. Drill competitions & sports activities should be      in their own zones & also on inter-zonal basis.

 Other competitions such as essay writing, quiz & safety games should also be encouraged to create an awareness of the      road safety education.

 These activities encourage more children & schools to join the RSP for promotion of road safety education.

 The cadets should be encouraged to learn first aid, which is an essential qualification. The St. John’s Ambulance Association      can be approached for teaching first aid to the cadets.

 Camps may be organized by wardens subject to approval of the director. These camps will be conducted to include re-fresher      courses, sports & extra curricular activities.

 Cadets detailed for mustering children on the pavements should stand facing the children with their arms stretched      downwards at an angle of 45 degrees. They should glance occasionally at the Cadet-in-charge who will take his/her position      in a conspicuous & safe place to co-ordinate their duties. When the signal has been received to allow crossing, the cadets      will drop their arms & move aside to muster the children to cross together briskly but never to run across.

 All children should be made to cross only at a pedestrian crossing.

 When the signal to stop the children has been received from the cadet-in-charge, the cadets will again resume their position      as stated before.

 Cadets who are details for stopping vehicles, will pay attention to the speed of the vehicles approaching & the distance      away from the crossing before they give the stop the signal. The drivers must be given sufficient time & distance within      which to bring their vehicles to halt at the crossing. Cadets should allow the vehicles to flow till there is a safe gap between      2 vehicles & signal the driver of the vehicle in front between the gap. They have a great responsibility & must always be alert      & perform this duty with precision. They must never stop traffic only for a single child to cross but wait till a group of children      have been mustered on the pavement.

 Vehicles which refuse to stop on being given the stop signal at the school crossing should be immediately reported to the      Patrol Captain who will inform the warden-in-charge for onward transmission to the traffic branch for necessary action.      Although cadets have actually no authority to stop vehicles, it is incumbent on drivers to give the right way of pedestrian to      cross over.

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